Exhibit at the Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art, 2014.

To Be Destroyed - TBD: A call for ideas: AMA's project, "THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE", selected to be included in the exhibit "TBD" September-October 2014, at MOCCA museum of contemporary canadian art, Toronto.

Statement from the Curator, Su-Ying Lee:

"The exhibition proposes that the definition of a museum in not fixed but rather "to be determined". By asking, "what is a contemporary art gallery?" the exhibition questions our fundamental assumptions concerning the role and importance of museums in society and their associated architectural forms. MOCCA's galleries will become a place of inquiry and discussion featuring artworks and activities that destroy existing paradigms and offer projections about the shape of museums in the future. This is a particularly timely topic given the proliferation of museum architecture in Canada and abroad and the current juncture in MOCCA's existence, which sees the institution searching for a new and permanent venue. We are asking architects to propose how museums and galleries can be re-imagined once our existing ideas about them are destroyed. Proposals may deal with how these institutions are situated within the urban landscape or how they may be reformulated given the evolution of digital and networked realities. Submissions could examine the interrelation of the artwork, audience and the architectural "container" of the museum or look at its position within larger networks of economy or culture. Other lines of inquiry might cover the range of possibilities along spectrums of ephemerality or scale."

Proposal by AM_(A):

"THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE". Proposal countering the question - TBD. Destruction brings destruction - what value is that? What of centuries of cultural development? When fashions of augmented realities have shown their emptiness, when hollow forms have shown their inappropriateness. As cultural literacy weakens, as all expressions are accepted as ART, as critique no longer exists, the museum will remain the point of discussion. A wall a roof a window and light. Simple raw adaptable. Physical quality of SPACE will remain the greatest stimulus for all senses - for ART? The future has been - the past is to come.

Press: Review of the MOCCA exhibit with reference to AMA's project and the future of contemporary art museums in the ARTS section, GLOBE AND MAIL, September 17, 2014.

Link to article: THE GLOBE AND MAIL