Featured Projects

MiniHouseHotel - 2018.
Parasol - Suqian, China: Competition 2017.
Selective Perceptions - Conceptual Installation, Rethinking The Future (RTF) 2016 Award Winner.
MiniHouse 2 - Module House/Lodging 2016.
Musuem of Shadows - Conceptual Installation 2016.
Ice Maze Art Installation - Winnipeg, Canada: Competition 2015: Winner.
Bamiyan Cultural Centre - Bamiyan, Afghanistan: Competition 2015.
"The Medium Is The Message" - MOCCA, Toronto: Competition 2014, Project Selected.
Dalseong Gymnasium - Daegu, South Korea: Competition 2014.
MiniHouse+MiniHouseHotel - Modular Prototype: Passive House Concept.
Modular Student Housing - Lithuania: Competition 2014.
Josephine - Aluminum Bench 2014.
Forest Pavilion - "Invisible Buildings" concept.
Yaroslavl Museum - Yaroslavl, Russia: Competition 2013.
House B - Concept.
House L - Concept.
Dageu Public Library - Daegu, South Korea: Competition 2012.
House NH - New Harmony, Indiana (Passive House): Competition 2011.
Urban Block Housing - Moscow, Russia: Competition 2010 - Project advanced to 2nd round.
Air Force Village Chapel - San Antonio, Texas: Competition 2009.

Other Projects

House D - House in Truckee 2018.
House SR - New House Santa Rosa 2018.
House TD - House in the Mountains 2016.
House ML - Lake Tahoe: Renovation 2015.
House OR - Lake Tahoe: Renovation 2014.
Hotel Griffon - Lobby Remodel 2012.
Hotel Griffon - Various Studies and Evaluations 2012.
Hotel Griffon - Employee Service Area Remodel 2011.
Grange Residence Remodel 2010.
House A - Oregon: Renovation + New Construction 2009.
Utah House Remodel + Addition.
Sharon Heights Optical - Shop Remodel.
Clovis Memorial District Conference Center + Theater (Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects).
Nueva Middle School Hillsbourgh (EHDD architecture).
Nueva Middle Schoo Hillsbourgh Feasibility Study (EHDD architecture).
City College of San Francisco Chinatown North Beach Campus (EHDD architecture).
UC Irvine Computer Science Center (EHDD architecture).
Low Income Housing 300 Room SRO (Carrasco+Associates).
Studio Office Building (Carrasco+Associates).
Live/Work Building (Carrasco+Associates).
New Home - Montara CA (Carrasco+Associates).
OSSRC - Renovation of Car Repair Shop to Offices (Carrasco+Associates).
Stanford University Outdoor Theater Washroom Facilities (Carrasco+Associates).
Mountain View YMCA Addition (Carrasco+Associates).